The Integrative German-Asian Therapy Centre
The Integrative German-Asian Therapy Centre

Bernhard Reichert is a self-employed partner of the Integrative German-Asian Therapy Centre.
Aldinger Straße 6
70736 Fellbach-Oeffingen

At the Integrative German-Asian Therapy Centre, you will find experienced and competent doctors and therapists. Their individual expertise ranges from traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition counseling, osteopathy and conversational therapy to western physiotherapy. Our patients are able to benefit from the entirespectrum of skills.

It is important to me to take the time necessary to be able to plan individual and well-founded therapies. The first appointment usually takes an hour. After that, one agrees on the length of the following appointments. The therapy always includes the patient and his individual ideas, goals and possibilities.


The treatment is exclusively based on a private medical prescription.


If you wish to make an appointment, please contact: 



0711 34 24 46 97


Bernhard Reichert

0172 6 27 38 32

My practical expertise concerning the musculoskeletal system and peripheral neurological diseases and individual concepts of treatments on the basis of exact physiotherapeutic examination is constituted of:

Classical massage therapy and functional massage therapy

Manual therapy: pain relief and mobilization in the case of malfunctions of the mobility of the joints of the extremities

Stabilization programs in the case of instabilities of the joints of the extremities

Pain relief and improvement of constrained mobility in the case of acute back and neck pain

Management and manual therapy in the case of malfunctions of peripheral nerves, primarily as a result of entrapment syndromes (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome)