Performance Spedification

1. Consultation of clinics and hospitals

1.1. Training needs analysis

1.2. Concept development, educational planning

1.3 Planning and organization of internal and external training events according to a defined educational goal

1.4 Planning and organization of information events for further targets (groups of patients, doctors etc.)

1.5 Controlling and ensuring the success of a company


2. Individual planning of advanced education for therapists

2.1. For job starters

2.2. Forpeople returning to their careers


3. Arrangement of traineeships in the following fields

3.1. Use of neurophysiological techniques (PNF and Bobath)

3.2. Use of manual therapy techniques

3.3. Use of physiotherapeutic techniques with children


4. In-house training; training of employees in

4.1. Practices

4.2. Rehabilitation facilities

4.3. Clinics